Separate Tools

Cute apps for fun design ideas

Laminar Modes provides apps and libraries for designers and developers, mainly focused on mobile user interface design.  These tools help to ideate, manage and test colors, layouts, and accessibility for mobile interfaces.

Colormap Generators for iPhone and iPad

mpl colormaps

Scientific colormaps for beautiful, accessible and accurate visualizations

zodiac colormaps

Colormaps based on zodiac signs, these are based on research and just for fun

mono colormaps

Single color colormaps for simple designs and illustrations

So what's next?

New features to arrive in 2024

iOS SwiftUI Design System Templates

Card List

Viewing 1 level of information


Viewing 2 levels of information



Demonstrator benefits

Highest fidelity though expensive

Data Flow

The Data Model





Goodies for you...yes you! (I'm talking about you...)

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