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Direct access to your favorite scientific colormaps to use in visualizations and infographics

What is a color map?

A colormap is a set of numerical values where each number corresponds to a color.  Scientific colormaps are designed specifically for data visualizations in order to enhance data interpretation.  Many years ago, a brilliant team came to develop a set of perceptually uniform increasing colormaps that are both beautiful and accessible.

Uniform Perceptual Sequential

What does it mean?

If these colors were distributed amongst candy and mixed up, you would be able to put the candy in the correct order without any guidance or help from a legend.  This is why these colormaps are very effective for visualizing data

Mixed up candy

If you were given a pile of candies corresponding to a set of equal points on the colormap

Placed in order

You would be able to put them in order without help

The hex and rgb codes for these maps can be accessed online, and now offline with the help of this colormap generator for iOS

Presented in iOS Conference Singapore 2023

Laminar Modes